...sometimes I take photos...

My name is Jon-Michael...I hope you enjoy my photos I post on here...Photos taken with an iPhone 5, Nikon D90, Olympus e-pm1 and Samsung NX300

camerapinocchio asked: Awesome shots! I was gonna ask if you're from Alaska because a lot of your shots looked extremely familiar (especially the flag at the top of Flat Top) but then I scrolled back far enough to see that you flew over Anchorage. Regardless, are you from here? great pictures

I’m actually from the Midwest but my wife is originally from Anchorage with her family still living there. Her cousin owns a small Cessna that he has taken me up in a couple of times. We try to make the trip up there as often as we can, absolutely beautiful. And, thanks for the feedback!

Saide Jane and her allergies